Myths & Legends

Publisher Name : Milees Kelly
Author Name : Milees Kelly
ISBN : 9781786171269
Weight : 725 gm

৳ 500.00

Myths and Legends retells some of the most fantastic stories and folk tales from around the world. From the myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece to the legend of the Knights of King Arthur, the stories in Myths and Legends abound with strange and wonderful happenings. Accompanied by stunning illustrations throughout, children of 6–11 years will be spellbound by the adventures of heroes, monsters, dragons and giants . . .

Mythical monsters and legendary heroes have fascinated people for thousands of years. No one will ever know for sure if the terrible Minotaur ever exited or if the ancient Greeks really did destroy the city of Troy with a huge, wooden horse. Perhaps the people within Myths and Legends really did exist, but over many, many years the stories surrounding them have become more and more outrageous until the true facts have all but disappeared. Whether true or untrue, Myths and Legends retells magical tales of fantastic feats and events that will captivate all who read them.

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