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Publisher : Pearson
Author Name: John J. Macionis
Original Title: Sociology
ISBN: 0130977632
ISBN13: 9780130977632)
Edition Language: English
Weight: 1 KG 480 G

৳ 1,800.00

This best-selling comprehensive introduction to sociology–text/multimedia package–features the exceptionally strong combination of a global perspective, focus on social diversity, emphasis on critical thinking, and cutting-edge research base (including Census 2000).

A widely acclaimed writing style, vivid illustration program, and extensive highlight features–applied chapter-opening vignettes, full-color Global and National Maps, thought-provoking theme boxes, applications and exercises–capture reader’s imaginations and help them see clearly how sociological concepts and issues affect not only life in general, but their individual lives as well. An accompanying CD-ROM features a library of video selections illustration major concepts and theories, animated Global and National Maps, author’s tips, chapter slide shows, etc. A companion Website is also available.

The Sociological Perspective. Sociological Investigation. Culture. Society. Socialization. Social Interaction in Everyday Life. Groups and Organizations. Deviance. Sexuality. Social Stratification. Social Class in the United States. Global Stratification. Gender Stratification. Race and Ethnicity. Aging and the Elderly. The Economy and Work. Politics and Government. Family. Religion. Education. Health and Medicine. Population, Urbanization, and Environment. Collective Behavior and Social Movements. Social Change: Traditional, Modern, and Postmodern Societies.

For anyone interested in a cutting-edge introduction to sociology and social diversity from a global perspective.

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