The Mystery Of The Disappearing Cat

Publisher Name : Dean
Author Name : Enid Blyton
ISBN : 9780603566998
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Mystery02 — Mystery of the Disappearing Cat, The—Blyton, Enid.
The Big Boy Next Door.
Bets was feeling very excited. Her big brother Pip was coming home from school
that day for the long summer holidays. She had been without him for three
months, and had felt very lonely. Now she would have him again.
“And Larry and Daisy will be home tomorrow!” she said to her mother. “Oh,
Mummy! it will be fun to have so many children to play with again.”
Larry and Daisy were Pip’s friends. They were older than Bets, but they let
her play with them. In the Easter holidays the four of them, with another boy
and his dog, had had a great adventure finding out who had burnt down a
“We were the Five Find-Outers,” said Bets, remembering everything. “We found
out the whole mystery, Mummy, didn’t we? Oh, I do wish we could solve another
mystery these holidays too!”
Her mother laughed. “Oh, it was just a bit of luck that you solved the mystery
of the burnt cottage,” she said. “There won’t be any more mysteries, so don’t
expect any, Bets. Now hurry up and get ready. It’s time to meet Pip.”
Pip was most excited to be home again. When he got back with Bets he tore
round the garden, looking at everything. It seemed to him as if he had been
away for years.
His little sister tore round with him, chattering at the top of her voice all
the time. She adored Pip, but he didn’t take very much notice of her. To him
she was only just a little girl, still a baby, who liked her dolls, and cried
when she fell down.
“Larry and Daisy are coming back tomorrow,” she panted, as she rushed round
after Pip. “Oh, Pip! do you think we can be the Find-Outers again?”
“Only if there is something to find out, silly,” said Pip. “Oh! I forgot to
tell you, Fatty is coming for the holidays too. His parents liked Peterswood
so much when they stayed here at Easter, that they have bought a little house,
and Fatty will be here for the hols.”
“Oh, good!” said Bets happily. “I like Fatty. He’s kind to me. We shall really
be the Five Find-Outers again then; and oh, Pip! I suppose Buster is coming,
isn’t he?”
“Of course,” said Pip. Buster was Fatty’s little black Scottie dog, loved by
all the children. “It will be nice to see old Buster again.”
“How do you know about Fatty coming?” asked Bets, still trotting round after
“He wrote to me,” said Pip. “Wait a minute — I’ve got the letter here. He sent…..

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